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Waulk Elektrik

Waulk Records

Scottish traditional folk-dance fusion

Waulk Elektrik

Final Waulk Elektrik lineup in 2000 from left to right: Kordian Tetkov, James Dumbelton, Griselda Sanderson, Peter Bingham & Nigel Challis.

Photo: Neil Cooper

Waulk Elektrik was formed by fiddle-playing brother and sister Larry & Griselda Sanderson and bassist Peter Bingham in the 1990s. It was the era of rave music, and the band fell into the same camp as the likes of Scottish trad/dance band Shooglenifty, mixing up their traditional music roots with the dance grooves of the time. They were on the same circuit as English folk/reggae outfit Edward II, Salsa Celtica and other such outfits that pushed the genre boundaries.


The original lineup changed after Larry had a serious accident. Multi-instrumentalist James Dumbelton then became a core member working side by side with Griselda and Peter as a writer/arranger. Other members were guitarist Nigel Challis and drummers Chris Pope, Mark Heyward and Kordian Tetkov.


All together four albums were released. The first Waulk Elektrik was released on cassette and got them the deal that led to their second album Uprooted, which was released by Dangerous Records. After splitting with Dangerous the band formed Waulk Records and went on to release their final two albums

UM-DI-UM and House Music.


Waulk Elektrik performed live at venues up and down the UK from The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen to The Pirate in Falmouth, as well as festivals such as Knockengorroch in Galloway, WOMAD, Glastonbury, Cropredy & Sidmouth Folk Festival. 

Griselda Sanderson Waulk Elektrik

Original lineup from left to right: Peter Bingham, Larry Sanderson & Griselda Sanderson.

Photo:  Neil Cooper

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