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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic live performances are temporarily postponed.

However, we intend to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Please contact us to inquire about any of the artists seen here.




Live acts currently available:

Meridianum Ensemble

A pan-European musical feast for the eyes and ears


Meridianum Ensemble plays original and traditional music from around Europe, the middle -east and North Africa. The six musicians from the UK, Portugal and Morocco combine their unusual instrumentation of Arabic oud, middle-eastern santur, tambura and cittern, hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa and percussion creating a feast for the eyes and ears. 


Soufian Saihi - oud

Nuno Silva - santur

Louis Bingham - tamboura, bass and cittern

Steve Tyler - hurdy-gurdy

Ricardo de Noronha - percussion

Griselda Sanderson - violin & nyckelharpa 



Louis Bingham & Griselda Sanderson

Acoustic duo featuring traditional music, dance and song from around Europe











Louis and Griselda specialise in small-scale performances for arts venues of every kind, indoor or out. They have a range of traditional music, from Swedish polskas to Galician jotas . Included in their  some repertoire are some dances designed for participation such as Breton, Irish and Romanian set and circle dances. The duo has performed in rural touring venues, at care homes, village ceilidhs and for refugee groups, and are happy to adapt their show to a variety of contexts.

Griselda Sanderson - fiddle and nyckelharpa

Louis Bingham - cittern and guitar

The Radial Band

with Soufian Saihi

Musical Adventurers in the traditional musics of Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and beyond















The Radial band explores instrumental dance and listening music inspired by the rich and varied traditions and musicians encountered on their travels. Between them the group has had award-winning albums and their music has been featured in various international charts. With a host of acclaimed albums under their belts with various bands as well as their own solo and duo projects the players are joined in the Radial Band by guests such as Moroccan oud player Soufian Saihi to create a unique musical soundworld of new music based on ancient traditions. Imbued with a blend of European, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean styles, occasionally reaching into north and west Africa it celebrates the diversity of culture that enriches our lives and reflects on the changing seasons and moods of the natural world.  

Louis Bingham plays plucked strings - cittern, guitar, banjo & tambura 
Ricardo de Noronha plays percussion and hand-made harmonic flutes based on the Slovakian fujara. 
Griselda Sanderson plays ethnic bowed strings - the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, Swedish nyckelharpa and fiddle.



The Radial Band
Meridianum Ensemble
Louis Bingham and Griselda Sanderson
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