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James Dumbelton

Waulk Records

English dance music with a Westcountry flavour

James Dumbelton mandolin
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 James Dumbelton was born in Cornwall and  raised in Devon. A dynamic and entertaining performer he is much in demand on the English folk scene as a vocalist & multi-instrumentalist, having recorded and performed with the likes of singer and fiddle player Jackie Oates and Devon folk singer Jim Causley. James attended both Dartington College of Arts and the folk music degree course in Newcastle for a time, picking up influences from all quarters and learning from a range of instrumentalists and singers such as Maggie Boyle. James is also a great tune-writer and has composed many original songs.


James was a member of the bands Hunter's Moon, Waulk Elektrik and Spyka (with label-mate Griselda Sanderson and fellow Jackie Oates bandmate Mike Cosgrave) when living in Devon. Now based in Guernsey in the Channel islands James has developed an interest in Morris dancing and plays with his local side. This curiosity in the origins of Morris tunes is reflected on his latest album of (mainly) mandolin tunes.


On his latest recording James also explores the sound of his mandolin in partnership with another instrument by the same maker, Andy Manson - in this instance a bouzouki in the hands of Andy Clarke. Together they have arranged traditional dance tunes and songs from as far afield as Sweden, Scotland and the Westcountry.



James Dumbelton


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