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Griselda Sanderson

Specialist in Northern European stringed folk instruments

Griselda Sanderson is a multi-instrumentalist specialising in bowed strings such as fiddle, hardingfele, viola and nyckelharpa. Here first Waulk Records release was back in the '90s with her group Waulk Elektrik. Since then she has played in many groups, the latest being the pan-European Meridianum Ensemble. She has played music for theatre in the Royal Shakespeare Company and at Shakespeare's Globe as well as for TV, film and gaming.

Griselda's latest release, her 2021 album Drawing Threads 2020 was created in response to the UK leaving the EU. It was a year-long exploration of musical traditions from around Europe.










Her first solo nyckelharpa album Harpaphonics, was released by Waulk Records in 2008 to great critical acclaim. Her follow-up nyckelharpa album Radial was released in October 2015. She also plays traditional fiddle, other ethnic bowed strings and piano. Griselda is keen to promote cross-cultural collaborations and has worked with artists from many countries.




No. 1 in Ethnocloud’s West European video chart, December 2015

No. 6 in World Music Network’s video chart, December 2015

No. 11 in Global Village’s Top 40, December 2015

No. 17 in Transglobal World Music Charts Top 20, January 2016

No. 30 in European World Music Charts best albums of 2015


"Radial is the exquisite new album by Scottish musician, composer and producer Griselda Sanderson. She has released an exceptionally expressive recording of memorable instrumental pieces rooted in European and African tradition."

Angel Romero, World Music Central


"A set of compositions that is absolutely stunning. Yes, Griselda pushes the envelope sometimes but Swedish traditional music can be a bit out there too - I’m still trying to count the beats in ‘Journey To The Mill’…"

Dai Jeffries, R2


"Griselda Sanderson has imagined a musical landscape for her nyckelharpa which is probably nothing like its origins but which has its own beauty and consistency. Radial is unique and fascinating, a new side to this exotic instrument, a real eye-opener."

Alex Monaghan, Folkworld




“With its ornate curves and multiple strings and keys, the Swedish nyckelharpa makes Jimmy Page's double-necked guitar look like a ukulele. Griselda Sanderson tames the unwieldy beast and delivers enthralling performances that roam all the way from the Celtic fringes to Africa and the gypsy camps of the Balkans.”

Clive Davis, The Sunday Times * * * * January 25th, 2009


“Harpaphonics should gain some newfound exposure with Griselda’s creative, mesmerizing, and diverse playing abilities”

Matthew Forss, Inside World Music, November 2011


“Experimentation, variation and eclecticism are the key words. Griselda Sanderson brings it together beautifully. And you can still dance to it!”

Lars Fahlin, Rock’n’Reel * * * * March 2009






Griselda Sanderson
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Griselda Sanderson

Most recent release!

Griselda Sanderson Drawing Threads 2020



Having originally founded the Waulk Records label with bandmates from Waulk Elektrik in the 1990s she has  three Waulk Elektrik albums under her belt. The first Uprooted was released by Dangerous records and the following two (UM-DI-UM and House Music) came out on  Waulk Records.


  A composer and producer as well, she has been involved in a range of recording projects. In 2011 she collaborated with Gambian riti (one-stringed fiddle) player Juldeh Camara, together forming the group  Julaba Kunda, which resulted in the release of Traders, a dynamic exchange of traditional fiddle music featuring Juldeh's haunting Fulani vocals. Juldeh has subsequently been picked up by Robert Plant and currently plays in his band The Sensational Space Shifters.


Meanwhile Griselda worked on string arrangements with Senegalese singer Amadou Diagne, with whom she produced and released the album Yakar , released on Waulk Records, with appearances from label mates Simo Lagnawi & Louis Bingham. This album was toured throughout the UK in 2014.


Griselda is also known for her work in theatre. She has toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company and performed in a season at Shakespeare's Globe in London as well as playing in the 1999 film production of Strindberg's Miss Julie directed by Mike Figgis. She has done live sessions for BBC Radio 3 and recently performed in the Purcell Room at the Queen Elizabeth Hall with poet Alice Oswald, for whom she composed music for Oswald's poem Tithonus: 46 minutes in the Life of the Dawn, a piece that was subsequently broadcast on BBC Radio 4.


Griselda's latest project is with Portuguese flute player/maker and percussionist Ricardo de Noronha, with whom she has recorded a new album 'Veer' due for release in Spring, 2017.

Griselda Sanderson & The Radial Band live at St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace & Reconciliation, London 27th February 2016. "Carnera the Biggest Horse", featuring Michalis Kouloumis on violin, Louis Bingham on guitar & Ricardo de Noronha on percussion.

Griselda Sanderson with The Radial Band live at St. Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation & Peace, London - featuring Michalis Kouloumis on violin, Louis Bingam on guitar & Ricardo de Noronha on percussion

Video from the album RADIAL: 'Carnera, The Biggest Horse' featuring Simo Lagnawi


Video from the album HARPAPHONICS: 'Irime'


Video of the track 'The Hedgehog' by Griselda Sanderson

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