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Louis Bingham & Freya Rae 

Fresh interpretations of Irish & Breton music from a talented young duo

Waulk Records
Louis Bingham, Freya Rae
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Freya Rae and Louis Bingham are a young duo who play a mixture of traditional tunes and  modern compositions, drawing particularly on strong  influences from Ireland and Brittany.


Freya comes from the Scottish Borders and Louis grew up in Devon, each taking to music from an early age. Both are accomplished multi-instrumentalists, from Freya’s tasteful flute, whistle and clarinet stylings, to Louis’ virtuosic flat-picking and solid accompaniment on various fretted instruments, which include tenor banjo, guitar, tenor guitar and bouzouki.


As well as their duo work, Freya and Louis are involved in a number of other projects. Freya is a member of the Tom Kitching Band, and also performs in a duo with her younger sister Eryn Rae. Louis has performed and recorded extensively with Griselda Sanderson, and currently tours with the world renowned Giffords Circus, devising music and performing in the shows as a member of the acclaimed house band.


Together Freya and Louis display a shared passion for music making, a unique musical partnership with a fresh and appealing sound all their own.


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