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Album Releases

"Crystal-clear novelty-free production"

Howard Male

Simo Lagnawi

The Gnawa Caravan: Salt is the third album from UK-based Moroccan Gnawa master Simo Lagnawi. Salt, like water is a necessity of life, and this collection of traditional Gnawa music and original repertoire represents the next phase of Lagnawi’s life. These eleven pieces  revolve around Lagnawi’s guembri playing and strident vocals portraying aspects of Gnawa culture whilst exploring new territory. Lagnawi stirs in flavours of Guinean kora, Berber guitar and the desert landscapes of theTuareg people. The influence goes both ways, with  British musicians singing in Moroccan, playing Saharan blues guitar and riti, the one-stringed fiddle of the Fula people. European instruments such as  piano and clarinet add depth to the musical landscape. The result is a snapshot of the musical diversity of UK living, but with a strong Afrikan sensibility. 

This album has limited physical copies but can be downloaded on Amazon  and Google play! 

Listen to 'Bambraka' from 'The Gnawa Caravan: Salt'

James Dumbelton: Houmet Paradis 

James Dumbelton

James Dumbelton's new mandolin album is an exploration of the mandolin in UK folk music. The roots of the material are in the morris dance tunes of the English tradition (James is a regular collaborator with English singers Jackie Oates & Jim Causley), but this collection goes way beyond England with the addition of tunes from as far afield as Sweden and songs from Scotland and the Westcountry. With Andy Clarke on bouzouki Houmet Paradis is a splendid contribution  from this engaging performer.

"Well crafted traditional folk" FATEA Sept 2015

Listen to 'The Smuggler' from 'Houmet Paradis'

Freya Rae & Louis Bingham: Curlicue 

Louis Bingham

"An album that is full of varied and colourful instrumental tracks from start to finish. From the strong rhythmic impetus of the opening Foorglass Set to the lyrical original guitar solo Farewell Monty, the standard of musicianship is truly exceptional." FATEA Sept 2015

Griselda Sanderson: Radial 

Griselda Sanderson

"Radial is unique and fascinating, a new side to this exotic instrument, a real eye-opener."

Alex Monaghan, Folkworld September 2015

Simo Lagnawi: Gnawa London (2013)

“It’s an outstanding piece of work. Gnawa London never lacks any feeling of spontaneity, and the depth of the groove is mesmerizing. Lagnawi is a musician you’re all going to hear a lot more about” Culture Capital


"Gnawa London reveals Simo Lagnawi to be an artist to watch closely." ****Tim Woodall, Songlines Magazine.

Simo Lagnawi

Amadou Diagne: Yakar (2013)

Griselda Sanderson and Amadou Diagne

“Honey-smoked vocals …Plaintive, acoustic and brimming with an unhurried assurance.”

Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine


“Exceptional music making  framed with innovative & unique fiddle scribble and arrangements by producer Griselda Sanderson”.

Chris Potts



Julaba Kunda: Traders (2011)

Juldeh Camara and Griselda Sanderson

“The scene is set for an extraordinary dialogue. . . it’s fascinating how well the two instruments work together. . . Camara brings a wonderful sense of space to a music that warms with its gladsome appreciation of working in Britain. Lovely.”

New Internationalist

Griselda Sanderson: Harpaphonics (2008)


Griselda Sanderson nyckelharpa

“With its ornate curves and multiple strings and keys, the Swedish nyckelharpa makes Jimmy Page's double-necked guitar look like a ukulele. Griselda Sanderson tames the unwieldy beast and delivers enthralling performances that roam all the way from the Celtic fringes to Africa and the gypsy camps of the Balkans.”

Clive Davis, The Sunday Times

Waulk Elektrik: Um-Di-Um (1999)

Waulk Elektrik

Waulk Elektrik's final album is a genre-bending blend of timeless jigs and reels, waulking songs and original fiddle and mandolin tunes inflected with the '90s club beats of hip-hop and drum'n'bass to produce a vibrant Scottish dance fusion.  Um-Di-Um boasts some serious arrangements of traditional material, but a lighthearted flair and virtuosity  characterises the band's sound. On this album the  core musicians are Griselda Sanderson, James Dumbelton and Peter Bingham with Nigel Challis on guitar and Kordian Tetkov on drums.

Waulk Elektrik: House Music (1997)

Waulk Elektrik

The second album from Waulk Elektrik, features the powerful combination of James Dumbelton on mandolin and Grisleda Sanderson on fiddle. House Music, as its name implies, was highly influenced by the new wave of sampled beats dominating the rave scene of the '90s. On this album Waulk Elektrik matched the pace and energy of rave culture with the whirling tempo of reels and jigs, becoming part of a crossover genre that included the likes of Scottish acts Shooglenifty and Martyn Bennett. The pace is tempered by some beautiful melodic treatment and arrangements of traditional material. 



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