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Established 1997 & based in the UK our micro-label's aim is to promote world  musics.  Innovative ideas based on longstanding  traditions are our specialism, putting acoustic instruments at the core. Our  style uses naturally-tuned instruments and an organic take on tempo & rhythm while maintaining the highest production standards.  In our contemporary society we cherish the mulinational collaborations that enrich our musical heritage. Sharing  one-another's cultures is our aim!

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"Crystal-clear novelty-free production…every rasping string and every rattle, buzz and hollow thud of percussion has its own rightful place in the mix, making reduntant the need for any fashionable bits of sonic software"                    Howard Male



Griselda Sanderson & Ricardo de Noronha


Release dates

Digital: 12/05/2017 

Limited CD signed edition available from 28th April 2017 


Since meeting on stage in November 2015 Ricardo de Noronha and Griselda Sanderson have been inventing their own music together. The twelve tracks on ‘Veer’ are inspired by Ricardo’s  percussion playing and the naturally-tuned wind instruments he creates. Griselda began incorporating his ideas with her own explorations on ethnic bowed strings. Living close to forests, moors and rugged coastlines, found sounds from natural objects such as logs and pebbles made their way into the music. Both musicians have long been immersed in traditional folk music, from Ricardo’s Portuguese heritage to Griselda’s upbringing in Scotland, with its links to Scandinavia. These combined influences can be heard on ‘Veer’, as they move in a new musical direction on their first collaborative album.



Recent Catalogue


Freya Rae & Louis Bingham


"The standard of musicianship

is truly exceptional"

Fatea, Sept 2015



Talented young duo Freya (flutes, whistles, clarinet) and Louis (guitars, banjo, bouzouki, bodhran) present an exciting and original album exploring unusual traditional and new compositions based on Irish and Breton dance music. Their bold interpretations, fine playing and inventive arrangements indicate an assured confidence as exponents of this instrumental material. Curlicue will appeal to anyone who enjoys traditional acoustic music. A classic debut. 


Griselda Sanderson


"Radial is unique and


a new side to this exotic

instrument, a real eye-opener."

Alex Monaghan, Folkworld



This is the follow-up to Griselda's  first nyckelharpa album Harpaphonics. Whereas the first album explored the unique sounds of this fascinating bowed keyed fiddle with mostly original compositions, Radial takes the instrument  back to its roots with  interpretations of traditional Swedish polskas with a smattering of new compositions. Nevertheless, Griselda still pushes the boundaries with some unusual instrumentation including a guest appearance from Moroccan gnawa label mate Simo Lagnawi and African percussion. Other collaborators are Louis Bingham, James Dumbelton & Luke Jones on guitars & Ben Duckworth on hang drum. 


Simo Lagnawi


"Simo Lagnawi is becoming a prolific and reliable recording artist…

There are moments in which waves of Lagnawi’s reverb-heavy vocals rain down on a trance-like base of gimbri and percussion and time stands still."


Tim Woodall, Songlines #116



The Gnawa Caravan: Salt is the third album from UK-based Moroccan Gnawa master Simo Lagnawi. Salt, like water is a necessity of life, and this collection of traditional Gnawa music and original repertoire represents the next phase of Lagnawi’s life. These eleven pieces  revolve around Lagnawi’s guembri playing and strident vocals portraying aspects of Gnawa culture whilst exploring new territory. Lagnawi stirs in flavours of Guinean kora, Berber guitar and the desert landscapes of theTuareg people. The influence goes both ways, with  British musicians singing in Moroccan, playing Saharan blues guitar and riti, the one-stringed fiddle of the Fula people. European instruments such as  piano and clarinet add depth to the musical landscape. The result is a snapshot of the musical diversity of UK living, but with a strong Afrikan sensibility. 


James Dumbelton


"Well crafted traditional


Fatea, Sept 2015



James Dumbelton's new mandolin album is an exploration of the mandolin in UK folk music. The roots of the material are in the morris dance tunes of the English tradition (James is a regular collaborator with English singers Jackie Oates & Jim Causley), but this collection goes way beyond England with the addition of tunes from as far afield as Sweden and songs from Scotland and the Westcountry. With Andy Clarke on bouzouki Houmet Paradis is a splendid contribution  from this engaging performer.